We specialize in creating high-quality architectural CGI that transforms design concepts into stunning, photorealistic visuals. Whether you’re an architect, developer, or interior designer, our CGI services enhance your presentations, streamline the design process, and captivate your clients with vivid, lifelike imagery.


We excel in creating architectural photomontages that seamlessly blend proposed designs with existing environments. Leveraging advanced techniques, we integrate 3D models into real-world photographs, providing a realistic and contextual view of your project. These photomontages help you visualize the final outcome, facilitate planning approvals, and effectively communicate your vision to clients and stakeholders with striking accuracy.


We create compelling architectural animations that bring your designs to life. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we produce dynamic and immersive animations that showcase the flow, functionality, and aesthetics of your projects. These animations provide a vivid, real-time exploration of your designs, enhancing presentations, engaging clients, and facilitating a deeper understanding of your architectural vision.

Shadow Study

We conduct detailed shadow studies to analyze the impact of natural light on your architectural designs. By simulating the movement of the sun, we provide precise visualizations of how shadows will interact with your project throughout the day and across different seasons. These studies help optimize building placement, improve energy efficiency, and ensure the comfort and well-being of future occupants.

Planning ApplicationsWebsites

At Redline Studios, we create straightforward planning application websites that provide easy access to all relevant planning documents. These user-friendly websites allow interested parties to download and review plans, reports, and other important materials related to your project. Our goal is to facilitate transparency and streamline the planning process, making it simple for stakeholders to stay informed and engaged.

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